Rapé – the Sacred Amazonian Snuff

Rapè (pronounced Ha’peh) is a shamanic snuff made from fermented tobacco that’s combined with a tree ash and other various plants, seeds, oils, etc. Rapè is used to “ground and center” us before we send our prayers, and to prepare us physically/mentally/spiritually for receiving Kambo or other sacred medicines. It can also be used during the Kambo ceremony to help one get past certain blockages, and aid in the purging process. Rapè is belived to clear emotional, physical and spiritual illness.

While Rapé is often made of several Amazonian plants, the core of most Rapé is the tobacco known as Mapacho, and is used extensively in tribal rituals. The tobacco also amplifies our intention, so it is a very powerful prayer tool.

Watch the video below for interesting details about Rapè:


Grand Tipi Warming Ceremony

We are excited to announce the Grand Tipi Warming Ceremony for Kambo Health’s new 22′ traditional Sioux style Tipi. With ample space and scenic views, Kambo Health hosts a remarkable ceremony space located overlooking Manresa State Beach, with a magnificent panoramic ocean view of Monterey Bay.

Facilitating this ceremony will be two IAKP Certified Practitioners (observing balance, the divine feminine and sacred masculine will be represented).

Attendees are asked to arrive at 10am. Space is limited to twelve participants, so book your space early. A second ceremony will be offered that afternoon.

*The option for a 3-day Kambo inauguration is available.
Group ceremony: $100
1-on-1 ceremony: $125
3-session Package (group or 1-on-1): $300

Email: [email protected] to book your space for this ceremony