Booking / Prices


Private Sessions: $125 (Individual 1-on-1 Kambo ceremony)

Private 3-Session Package: $300 (3 individual 1-on-1 Kambo ceremonies)

Private Group Session: $100 (Private group ceremony for 2-4 people)

Kambo Session at your House: $160 (Special considerations for location, and additional travel cost may be required.

*All Kambo ceremonies held at ‘Kambo Health’ include nutritious food and drinks after your ceremony. Most food served is organic, non-GMO, and vegan. Also included with your ceremony are optional Rapé and Sananga (Sacred tobacco snuff and cleansing eye drops).


To book a ceremony time, and inquiries please send us  an email:

* A portion of your payment goes directly to The Matses Project (a charitable organization benefiting the Matses tribe of Brazil; who sustainably source Kambo for us). By supporting the indigenous people of the Amazon, we are supporting the protection of the Amazon rainforest, and the habitat of the Kambo frog and other native wildlife.​ For more information about the Matses project, visit: