Kambo Ceremony & Process


Every individual interested in sitting with Kambo will have a personal 1-on-1 consultation with a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner. Once determined that Kambo would be a good option for the individual, the appropriate time and place for the Kambo ceremony will scheduled.

In preparation for a coming ceremony, participants will observe a 10-12 hour fast (no eating/drinking food, supplements, coffee/tea , etc). A glass or two of water may be consumed a few hours  prior to the Kambo ceremony. It will be required for you to drink approximately 3 liters of water before/during a Kambo treatment, so it is important to not drink much water before arriving.

The Ceremony

The Kambo ceremony will begin with a smoke purification ritual for clearing the physical space, items in it, and around the individuals participating in the ceremony. This practice is often referred to as “smudging”; dried plants such as Sage or Palo Santo are used . The practitioner will then open the ceremonial circle with prayer and setting of intention for the ceremony.

Once ready, the participant will have small superficial burns (called “gates”)

placed on the chosen body locations (typically 3-5 gates will be used for a first time Kambo client) .

The burns are made by the use of a small wooden stick/ vine about the size of an incense stick. Only the  epidermis (outer most layer of skin) is removed, leaving the moist underlying skin.

Theses are small superficial burns, no blood is drawn. The gates are created very quickly, and most people state that it is just a mild discomfort when the gates are burned.

After the gates have been created, the Kambo “points” will be prepared (re-hydrated) on  a wooden stick that the Kambo has been stored on. An initial Kambo point will be applied directly to one of the gates to observe the individual’s reaction to Kambo. After the test point, the remaining Kambo points will be placed on the open gates allowing full dose of the treatment to  enter the lymphatic system of the body.

At this point the individual may experience a flushing (body heating up), tingling in hands/ extremities, etc. After about 5-10 minuts of applying Kambo, the individual will likely feel the need to purge (via vomiting/ defecation or both). This is a normal expected response to a few of the bio-active peptides found in Kambo. This is part of the process to remove unwanted toxins and further cleanse the body. Some individuals may experience swelling of the face, and/or lips. This can be recognized as a normal reaction to the body releasing stored toxins. Some individuals may also become “light-headed” and briefly faint. This may happen with some individuals, and is also considered a normal response  for some who receives Kambo (this is due to a  brief drop in blood pressure when specific peptides in Kambo interact with the body).

Some individuals may experience deep “emotional purging”. Through the Kambo cleansing process, individuals may visit past or current traumas; this is also considered normal responses to those who receive Kambo. It is often said that Kambo is the “Great Revealer”, and will go to work where it needs to (be it physical, mental, or spiritual work). Kambo has been referred to as an “ordeal medicine” as the individual undergoes difficult physical, emotional, and energetic shifts.

Although some of the main symptoms/attributes of the Kambo process are shared, no two people will experience the exact same things. And, an individual’s experience may differ from treatment to treatment (as the work each individual requires will change).

The Kambo points are typically left on the gates between 20-40 minutes. Once the points are removed, the symptoms typically start to subside within a few short minutes.

The cleaned gates are then dressed with Sangre de Grado (Dragon’s Blood), to perform a protective cover over the gates (to prevent infection and aid in the healing process).

After the Ceremony

After receiving Kambo, you will have the opportunity to rest for a few minutes, have some soothing tea, and appreciate yourself for doing the work you came to do.  After resting, nutritious food and drinks will be provided to replenish lost electrolytes, and refuel the body.

After receiving Kambo,  some people may feel tired and will want to relax the remaining of the day. Some people may alternatively feel energized, and ready to be active. It is important to listen to your body. It is smart to not have any major plans the rest of the day after your Kambo ceremony. Give yourself the time to process your experience however you may need it.


Reported testimonies from individuals who have received/receive Kambo can be found in abundance.

Immediate and short-term effects reported: Clear feeling, improved mood, focused thought process, enhanced energy, increased resistance to stress, tiredness, hunger, and thirst. The mind becomes still, things seemingly become easier to manage.

Long-term effects reported: Kambo allows the immune system to strengthen by encouraging the body’s natural defense operations.  Reports of existing health problems being improved or resolved; and future ailments/illness seem less likely to occur (due to the increased resilient activity of the body’s immune system).

Many also regard Kambo as a “spiritual teacher”, with the ability to “pull back the curtain” from one’s personal patterns and programs. Kambo (the great revealer) is said to “go to work…where the work is required”. Kambo is recognized to assists in clearing one’s energy field, and to help realign the energy centers.