Practitioner Code of Ethics

Practitioner Code of Ethics

Practitioners operating through certify that they shall honor the code of ethical principles as set forth and outlined below on behalf of all clients, personnel and professionals:

18 and older. This is observed for ethical, legal and safety reasons.

Confidential. A client’s trust is paramount, and everything shared within the client-practitioner sphere is kept strictly confidential. It is only ethical to disclose confidential information as requested upon the client’s written consent.

Maintain Boundaries. Practitioners will respect all form of boundaries (i.e. personal, physical, emotional, sexual, financial, political, religious, energetic, and professional boundaries). Providing a safe environment for clients to work with Kambo, practitioners will operate ethically and with the utmost integrity.

Respect Rights. Respect the rights and preferences of the clients. Practitioners agree to respect a person’s right to refuse or accept Kambo on their own terms, and will never force an opinion, belief, or lifestyle.

Do No HarmIt is understood that the practitioner is only interesting in serving the highest and greatest good of clients and those involved.

Withhold Judgement. Practitioners will not allow their own judgment to be influenced by personal profit, unfair discrimination, personal beliefs, or emotional connection. Equality will be respected in regards to religious, spiritual, political and social views of any individual irrespective of race , color, creed, sexual orientation or gender.

Providing Services. Only services that are believed to truly help the client, are offered. No service will be offered or prepared, if it is not ultimately believed what is truly best for the client. When examination of an issue is beyond the practitioners competency, client will be directed to appropriate network of trusted professionals.