Practitioners at Kambo Health are certified by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP) to safely facilitate Kambo circles to qualified individuals. IAKP is the only organization  dedicated to the education and preservation of  the Kambo frog, the indigenous tribes (that serve as the frogs protectors), and the sacred land of the Amazon. IAKP practitioners are required to complete intensive training in order to support safe and ethical practices for the use of Kambo throughout the world.

As the primary practitioner at Kambo Health, Adam found a calling to Kambo after a long history of working with alternative remedies, natural earth medicines, Chinese patents, homeopathics, supplements, and various wellness products. Born to “the medicine woman” (his mother, owner and operator of a local wellness store for many years); Adam has been immersed in the world of holistic wellness since he was a child. Through his upbringing, he often found himself  in the company of various healers and practitioners whom he greatly admired and learned from.

Adam co-ops an integrated holistic wellness practice as a sound healing practitioner, certified massage therapist (CCMT),  Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC), Certified Sports Hypnotist, and practitioner of sound and light therapies at SoulHz. Adam has also worked many years as a physical fitness trainer, and as a music recording engineer/producer.
Coupled with his practice in sound healing modalities, Adam owns and operates where he serves as a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), assisting with EMF inspections/surveys, remediation and education.
Adam is dedicated to the lifelong study of mind, body and spirit…

Through his love of adventure, in 2008 Adam found a great passion for the sky and human flight…he performed his first free-fall skydive. Prior to his recent ventures facilitating kambo and sacred sound ceremonies, Adam shared his passion for human flight; serving as as a highly accomplished skydive instructor with over 5,000 skydives to date. Thousands of individuals have entrusted Adam to guide them on the adventure of their life, to break past personal boundaries, overcome great fear, and to experience or harness the amazing art of human flight.

With his profound knowledge and guidance in such areas, Adam brings a metaphorical 15,000′ view to facilitating ceremonies for sacred sound and earth medicines.  Through his practice at ‘Kambo Health’, Adam shares his deep respect for health/wellness, mother earth, personal strength, individual growth & healing. Adam is dedicated to the safe and ethical practice of facilitating Kambo ceremonies for those who have been called by the frog. He is available for 1-on-1 and small group Kambo ceremonies (1-4 people). Larger group Kambo ceremonies can be facilitated with assistance of fellow IAKP Practitioners located in the greater San Francisco bay area.